Jeweller’s piercing saw and bench skills masterclass.

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This workshop is a must for all serious silver jewellery makers.

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Class Level: Beginner & up
Time: 10am-4pm
Class size: 6 maximum
This workshop is available by request or as a private booking. Please e-mail to express your interest.
Please note: we are unable to offer transfers or refunds on any of our courses. Courses are for persons of 18 years and over.

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Using the jeweller’s piercing saw can be tricky! However, mastering this tool is an essential step to becoming a successful jewellery designer and maker. The piercing saw is one of the most important tools you have in your tool kit. This one day course is full of tips and tricks to help you to conquer your fears and problems with this pesky tool!

jeweller's piercing saw

Learn how to use a saw correctly

What will we do on the day?

During this day workshop we will have a quick re-cap of the basic principals of using the jeweller’s piercing saw. Often the very basics are forgotten when using all tools. Bad habits creep in quite quickly, especially with any process that can be a struggle. This can be the fundamental difference between success and failure. Therefore this back to basics step is an important part of the process.

Different techniques for the jeweller’s piercing saw

We will then go on to look at other little sawing problems that can throw a big spanner in the works! Several techniques will be looked at during the day. For instance, we will look at successful ways to cut tubing. This is the top blade breaker! Hopefully a look at this in more detail will give you more confidence to use tubing in your designs.

We will look at cutting ‘pairs’ of items. This is an important part of designing with multiple components and earrings. Other techniques covered during the workshop will include – how to saw large areas of sheet, sawing jump rings, cutting sharp corners, what size blade to use, when to anneal, etc.

Helping hands

Using the jeweller’s piercing saw can often be made easier by using specialist tools. We will look at some of these tools in the course of the day.

Additional Bench Skills.

Using the jeweller’s piercing saw will also incorporate additional skills. We will look at the importance of successful marking out. And how to do this easily. Plus a re-cap of drilling, filing and finishing.

Press forming

We will look at using the saw for cutting other materials, like wood or perspex. This day will also include making a press forming mould and how to use it. Press forming moulds are used for creating three dimensional forms from sheet metal. It is a great additional skill, exclusive to this day.

What’s included?

All the tools needed for this workshop will be provided. Refreshments – including afternoon tea and cake will also be part of the day.

During this class we will make samples as part of the exercises covered. Materials for this will be extra. You will need sheet, wire and tubing. Silver or copper can be used, this will be available to buy from the studio shop. You are welcome to bring your own materials if you have any. Some of the samples may be suitable to be made in to jewellery after the day.

At lunch time

The cafe by the canal is open at weekends and is a great place to go for the lunch break. There’s also a picnic area if you prefer to bring a pack-up weather permitting. Locally we have a Morrisons supermarket nearby where there is also a cafe, cash point, etc. The studio is closed and locked over the lunch break and it is fine to leave any belongings if you wish.

Who can attend?

The jeweller’s piercing saw and bench skills masterclass is open to everyone, from complete beginner through to more advanced. This class is no longer included in the yearly program. It is available to book as a private class @ £330 per day, or by request @ £65 per day. If you are interested in attending by request please contact us to express your interest.



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Mixed Ability

Specialist Class

10am – 4pm


Saturday 29th September 2018

14 reviews for Jeweller’s piercing saw and bench skills masterclass.

  1. Emma Carson (verified owner)

    I attended this course today. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have struggled with sawing for a while now and tended to do anything I could to avoid it. The class instructed the correct way of sawing, different techniques and practical exercises. I feel so much more confident at sawing after today and know it will be invaluable to my jewellery making going forward. Thanks Ange!

  2. Jane Marshall (verified owner)

    Sawing is such a fundamental skill but I have never gone into how to saw correctly and spent time practicing- until this course! Lots of guidance and tips to make the task go well along with other bench skills made this a really useful day. I now feel confident to take on sawing more complex shapes and straight lines too. As always, a well paced course with lots of friendly support. Thank you

  3. marie

    Sawing has always been something I avoided where ever I could, but the course today has given me some hints and tips alongside the correct techniques and hopefully less broken blades! I feel much happier now about picking up a piercing saw. A well led course with the right amount of support and guidance.

  4. Moira Bannister, Sheffield

    Sawing is one of the fundamental skills needed. It was really helpful to have specific time dedicated to it. This course has helped me to learn more about the skill and build confidence. A good group. A good range of different techniques looked at during the day has helped me to understand where I had been going wrong. I’m sure there’ll still be broken blades – but not as many! 🙂

  5. Linda Brookes, Chesterfield

    I really enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt a lot, including how to approach certain projects and using the saw correctly.

  6. Kathy

    Great course. Previously approached sawing with trepidation but now feeling much more confident. An enjoyable day learning lots of new techniques to use.????

  7. Sally Hughes (verified owner)

    Thank you, Ange, this was a really focussed day on the techniques needed for successful sawing. Advice and practice of angle of blade, sitting position, how to produce identical shapes and the cutting of tubing will certainly let me develop new ideas. This course, coupled with the soldering day, has really helped me. A really recommended day.

  8. Lisa Holmes, Chesterfield

    Thanks so much for the sawing master class, I can’t believe what a massive difference it’s made to my sawing skills! I actually love sawing now & I can even saw round corners & tricky shapes really quickly (and without breaking the blade!!). It was a great day & very interesting…as all your specialist courses always are!

  9. Aileen, Chesterfield

    One of the best courses I have attended. Six in class meant at last I was able to ‘master’ is you will excuse the pun the piercing saw. Great opportunity to use many other tools relating to creating individual handmade jewellery and other craft pieces. Thank you Angie for the help and encouragement it made all the difference.

  10. Barbara Wilson, Chesterfield.

    A really useful class. Feel much more confident using the piercing saw and learnt some other new skills which will come in useful in the future.

  11. Kath Kearney, Chesterfield

    Really enjoyable course with great hints and tips to improve sawing technique – which will really help to improve my jewellery in future.

  12. Yvonne McDonagh, Sheffield

    Attended this class to enhance my skills as I haven’t attended any classes for a while. But this gave me a lot of confidence and I feel like I am able to work much easier and quicker now. I would highly recommend this class.

  13. Jane Crowther, Chesterfield

    Very interesting, very useful class. Very good teacher, feel able to carry all I’ve learnt in to my weekly classes. Feel more confident in sawing techniques now. Thank you Angela.

  14. Alison Evans, Mansfield

    Met some lovely ladies. I am now a lot more confident – feel like I will use the saw more often.

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