Advanced Fold Forming


Advanced Fold Forming is a 10 page booklet download to explore this wonderful subject. Basic silver jewellery making skills are required. Downloads appear instantly upon receipt of payment.

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Level: Intermediate & up


Advanced fold forming Booklet

What is Fold Forming?

Fold forming is a revolutionary way of metalworking which explores the elasticity of metals to create unique three dimensional forms. This 10 page booklet is a follow on from my introduction to fold forming booklet which looks at the basic folds. This Advanced Fold Forming booklet literally ‘picks up where we left off’ from the first book, so you will find this booklet much more helpful if the first booklet has also been followed. The content of the Advanced Fold Forming booklet looks at a very brief history of the subject, the tools and studio equipment needed to be able to carry out the subject, and the folds themselves.

What will I learn from this booklet?

Advancced fold forming

Learn how to make three dimensional forms from one sheet of metal

Fold forming is one of the more creative and experimental areas of metal working. It can be very rewarding and is great for sparking off a new creative direction. One of the more rewarding aspects of the subject is achieved by manipulating the basic folds, combining them with other folds and making multiple folds on the same piece. So part of this workshop explores this area, using some of the basic folds as a starting point and taking them further by adding further manipulation. This will include advancing in to combining multiple folds, and by using forging and rolling techniques.

In this advanced fold forming booklet you will also look at some brand new folds. These tend to be quite sculptural, and the process of making them cannot fail to ignite excitement amongst you ardent fold formers. Although not immediately recognisable as jewellery appropriate, they have their own qualities that you should be able to explore after the workshop.


Who is this booklet suitable for?

As mentioned earlier this is a follow on booklet from the Introduction to Fold Forming. It is advisable that this introductory booklet is followed first. It will be assumed that you already have a basic knowledge of the subject and the theory behind it. The Advanced Fold Forming booklet offers an opportunity to progress further in to the subject. And a quick re-cap of some of the basic folds will be needed for the purpose of the exercises, the basics aren’t covered in this book.

This booklet will provide a wealth of knowledge and take the mystery out of fold forming. Making this a subject that is both accessible and enjoyable. This step by step illustrated booklet makes this subject easily accesible for all.

This is a  fantastic technique to learn. It will promote a more creative way of designing to give very unusual results. Fold forming will add a new dimension to your jewellery designs.

Ability requirements:

This subject requires knowledge and ability to anneal and work with copper or silver so it is suitable for to post beginner, intermediate and more advanced students.

Fold Forming is a wonderful and fascinating subject. These 2 booklets together will provide a wealth of knowledge for this fascinating subject.

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