PMC, Silver Clay and Art Clay courses

PMC, SIlver Clay and Art Clay workshop

Silver bracelet with PMC and Art Clay charms

PMC, Silver Clay and Art Clay are all types of precious metal clay used for jewellery making. Our one day workshop for beginners will set you up with the basics to get going at home with this amazing material.

Based in Chesterfield, close to Sheffield, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, Silverpetal Studio runs the PMC, Silver Clay and Art Clay course throughout the year. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified each time new dates are added.

Versatile Clays

Metal clays can be moulded like any other clay. The big difference is that the clay is fired to reveal solid metal. This means that it can be moulded and formed both whilst it is in a soft form and also whilst it is in a more resilient metal form. This gives the material its unique versatility, lending itself to fantastic creative exploration.

PMC, Silver Clay and Art Clay earrings

Silver clay earrings with pearl drops

Our course

This exciting workshop is open to everyone, no previous experience is necessary in either PMC or traditional silver jewellery making. During our PMC, Silver Clay and Art Clay day we will go through the basics of using PMC. This will include how to roll it and handle it, how to add textures and how to form it in to jewellery. We will then look at ways to dry the clay and finish it whilst still in its raw state. Once dry, we will fire it without the need for a kiln. This makes the subject very easy for you to do at home after the course. We will finally finish the clay once it is metal.

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If you’ve always fancied a go at working with precious metal clay then this is an ideal introduction to the subject. This is an intensive but fun one day class to get started. More information including price, available dates and booking is available on our courses page; PMC for Beginners 


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